An Excellent Start For Fox Davidson

Fox Davidson launched in May and after a great first month where we have been inundated by well-wishers praising what we are doing and have received some really kind feedback on the website. The lack of sleep and 5am starts have definitely been worth it!

Bristol is definitely missing a bespoke mortgage brokerage with personality and we will work hard to fill that gap and become the best brokerage for mortgage advice for all of our clients across the UK and beyond!

We are working hard to build our reputation for quality mortgage advice and have many exciting projects that we are working on and are always keen to hear from businesses that may want to link up with a bespoke broker.

We have already signed up several lenders that we have not had direct access to in the past and are confident that our mortgage offering is now as comprehensive as it can be but we will continue to scour the mortgage market for any new lenders that come to market so that we can be confident of offering our clients record low rates and flexible lending criteria for any lending situation.

Our latest link up with a lender has further reinforced our Buy to let and commercial lending proposition. Fox Davidson are experts in Buy to let and we can secure finance for almost any property. Some of the most common unusual lending scenarios are; flats under one freehold, expat buy to let mortgages, mortgages for flats over commercial premises, buy to let mortgages in company names, commercial lending on an interest only basis.

Finally we want to mention the market in general. There has been nothing but positive news with growth in the economy shown by GDP increases from the ONS, house prices increasing with latest figures from Nationwide showing a 0.4% increase in May and mortgage lending has according to the Council of Mortgage lenders increased by 21% in April compared to the previous April and they comment ‘The true underlying position is that April is likely to have been one of the strongest months for lending activity since late 2008’.

On a smaller scale Fox Davidson HQ has been busy and we are seeing levels of business that signify a market that is starting to move positively forward but we know there is a long way to go yet and continue to look forward to the challenges each day brings!

If you want to have a chat about the economy or how Fox Davidson can help you or your business call us on 01173 736200.