Home insurance advice

Here are some invaluable tips for consideration when insuring your home and protecting your valuables.

Keep receipts for large purchases (you might even want to scan them onto a file on your pc)

Reason – insurers like to have some proof of purchase when it comes to expensive items.  This may save you hassle if you come to claim.

Take photos of expensive items (again you might want to save these to a file on your pc)

Reason – it gives the insurers and the police something to work from

Register with immobilise at www.immobilise.com

Reason – this is a free website which you can register any of your possessions on.  The police, cash converters etc check items against this website so this gives you the best chance of getting some of your stuff back.

Check that bikes are included in your policy

Reason – bikes are one of the most common thefts so insurers may not cover them automatically and may place a maximum limit on any which are covered (£500 per cycle)

Check any expensive items/bikes are itemised on your policy

Reason – policy limits may mean you are only covered for a fraction of the price so itemising your more valuable items will ensure you are able to replace them like for like.

Check items in your shed are covered

Reason – shed break-ins are common and therefore your shed/garden may not be covered.  If it is then there may be a low limit of cover on items stolen.

Always include personal items away from the home in your cover

Reason – You may have your laptop, phones, jewellery, watches, cash, glasses away from the home when they are stolen/lost – if you do not have cover away from the home then you cannot claim.  Girls, have you ever added up the cost of having a handbag stolen?  Your iphone, wallet, cash, makeup, perfume, keys and the bag it’s self.  It all adds up!

If you want to review your Buildings and contents insurance please do get in touch.