Bristol’s Most Haunted Houses

With Hallowe’en in the air, pumpkins glowing and ghosts and ghouls wandering the streets with sweets in hand, we were wondering how many people had experienced a haunted house in Bristol.

Do you have ghostly goings-on in your Bristol home?

We’ve overseen a fair few house purchases over the years, but one thing that doesn’t come up on searches is whether the property comes with a resident ghost!

So we’ve decided to carry out our own survey to find out exactly how many ghouls have taken up residence in Bristol.

Tell Us About Your Haunted House In Bristol

The team at Fox Davidson can’t resist a spooky tale, so we’d love to hear your stories of things that have gone bump in the night.

You can send your ghastly tales to our resident ghost buster Sarah Fox-Clinch, get in touch on Twitter or send us a message via our Facebook page.

We’ll put together a list of our favourites and share them on All Hallows Eve!

Ghostly Encounters In Bristol

However if the only spirits in your home are of the alcoholic variety don’t despair – we’ve compiled a list of places in Bristol where you are most likely to have a ghostly encounter:

The Odeon Cinema, Union Street

The manager was shot in the building in the 1940’s and over the years has been seen sitting in the cinema taking in the latest blockbuster!

Bristol Fire Station

A wounded man thought to have been sheltering from a storm has been spotted in various parts of the building along with one of the Knights Templar!

The Llandoger Trow

The oldest pub in Bristol is haunted by a limping figure.

Ashton Court

The estate is reportedly home to a headless horseman!

King William Pub

A great location to play pool in but also the place to spot a ghostly apparition which can be heard walking the stairs and calling people’s names.

SS Great Britain

The captain of the ship vanished in 1872 but a spirit matching his description has been seen on board.

The Works Nightclub

Ladies beware as the toilets are said to be haunted by the apparition of a murdered woman.

Arnos Manor Hotel

A suicidal nun’s body was bricked into the building and she has been seen ever since roaming the hotel.

Commonwealth Museum

Reportedly haunted by Brunel who’s pipe smoke can be smelled.