Improve Your Credit Rating With These Handy Hints

We have put together some top tips to ensure you stand the best chance of being approved for a ‘decision in principle’ which is the point at which a lender credit scores you.

  1. Never close down a direct debit until you are sure the provider has closed the account at their end
  2. Get on the voters roll
  3. Set up a direct debit for the minimum payment on all credit or store cards
  4. Call the provider and increase the credit limit if you think you may exceed the current limit
  5. Keep a note of your 3 year address history and dates you moved
  6. Call the provider and close down unused credit cards
  7. Beware of comparison sites as they perform credit searches on you when you enter your personal details into them
  8. Keep the amount of credit searches you have carried out on you to a minimum
  9. Download a copy of your credit file if you feel you may have had an issue, you cannot fix things you don’t know about
  10. Remember that any credit held in joint names is your responsibility. If the other person decides not to pay, you will need to

There are other considerations too so be sure to chat to one of our brokers about ways to help yourself get approved first time.

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