Mortgages for Grade I or Grade II listed buildings

Fox Davidson are specialist brokers in arranging mortgage finance on listed buildings. 

Historic England states that “Listing marks and celebrates a building’s special architecture and historic interest, and it also brings it under the consideration of the planning system, so that it can be protected for future generations.”.

Essentially, the older a building is, the more likely it is to be listed.

Buildings that are one-off’s or a rare example of architecture may well be listed.

Many pre-Edwardian buildings will be listed due to their age.

Buildings constructed with in the last 30 years are not generally listed as they have not withstood the test of time.

Listed building grades

Buildings in England are listed in three grades. 

  • Grade II are buildings of special interest and is the most popular listing found.
  • Grade II* are buildings of more than special interest.
  • Grade I are buildings of exceptional interest. 

Fox Davidson has experience in mortgaging all three types of listed building and can look at residential or even buy to let finance on them.

When looking at finance on a listed building it is worth checking that the building is in a good state of repair.

Many lenders will require repairs and maintenance on the building to be in order.

Listed property can often require a higher level of maintenance than a standard building.

It is also vital to have the correct buildings insurance on the property as the insurer needs to be aware of the property’s listed status.

Fox Davidson have excellent links to insurance partners who specialize in buildings and contents insurance for listed properties.

As listed building often tend to be older properties, these can often have acreage or outbuildings on the title.

We at Fox Davidson are experienced in providing finance property with outbuildings, acreage and estate finance.

As an across the market broker, we speak with high street lenders, bespoke lenders and private banks regarding finance options.

Can you get a mortgage on a listed building?

The simple answer is yes.

As an across the market broker, Fox Davidson are able to access high street lenders who can provide finance on Grade II, Grade II* and even Grade I listed property.

Most often this is in the form of residential mortgage finance for an owner-occupier.

We are also able to secure buy to let finance on this type of property if required.

Can I get a mortgage on a thatched listed property?

Many thatched properties may also be listed due to their age.

Whether they are listed or not it is possible to get a mortgage on them.

The type of construction needs to be taken into account when looking at a mortgage on a thatched property.

Cobb walls may be an issue for some lenders, but at Fox Davidson, we are confident we can source high street finance on most thatched properties.