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Insurance Case Studies

Business Protection – Ltd company director protection.

FD Protect were approached by a company that had 2 directors and shareholders. Their concern was that on death of either director the shares would naturally pass to their spouse who would then have shares in a company in which they had no input. Using a cross option agreement set up by a recommended lawyer we put in place a relevant life assurance policy for 3 x the value of the company turnover payable to the spouse of each director. The cross option agreement ensured that the proceeds from the life insurance policy passed to the spouse in return for the shares which returned to the surviving director/shareholder. The relevant life policy premiums are paid for by the Ltd company and are currently tax deductible as a business expense.

Life Assurance Claim

A policy that had been set up by an advisor at FD Protect to cover a clients life became payable due to their death within the term of the policy. The advisor worked with the beneficiary of the trust to ensure that the policy paid out and to ensure that the trust was followed as per its implementation at outset. With our help and overseeing of the claim process the beneficiary of the trust was able to have funds quickly which were used to repay the mortgage commitment and funeral expenses.

Income Protection

FD Protect were asked to put in place an income protection policy to cover a clients income. The client worked on a self-employed basis as a contractor and therefore due to the nature of their income (short term contracts) they wanted to ensure that if they couldn’t work due to an accident or illness that they had some form of protection to enable them to make their mortgage payments and maintain their lifestyle. FD Protect put in place a policy that would cover the majority of their income in the event they couldn’t work.

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