Fox Davidson specialise in mortgages for bank nurses. We can use 100% of your bank work income for mortgage lending purposes and secure up to 95% loan to value.

We work with lenders that recognise nurses as the medical professionals they are and apply increased income multiples and sometimes offer exclusive rates.

Mortgages for Bank Nurses

If you are a nurse working bank, then you are essentially on a zero-hour contract and many mortgage lenders treat you differently to someone who is employed on a permanent t full time contract. We believe that working bank work should be recognised in the same way as a permanent contract, so long as we can evidence a consistent history of earnings via bank work.

And so, we have partnered with mortgage lenders that will accept as little as 3 months proof of income and will lend using 100% of the provable income over those 3 months.

More lending options become available with lenders where you can evidence bank work for 12 months and longer. Lending is all about risk and the greater amount of time you can show consistent bank work hours the better the lending proposition.

Which mortgage lenders lend to nurses working bank shifts?

You will be pleased to know that there are some mainstream banks and building societies that will consider lending to Nurses working bank shifts. You are not penalised with high rates by obscure lenders. Fox Davidson works with lenders across the market and continues to place mortgages with lenders offering market leading terms to our clients including bank work nurses.

FAQ’s – Mortgages for Bank nurses

Can you get a mortgage as a bank nurse?

Yes, it is possible for nurses to secure a mortgage using only income from bank work. Some lenders will use 100% of your income and can lend up to 95% loan to value.

Do nurses get discounts on mortgages?

Yes, some mortgage lenders will offer reduced rates of interest for medical professionals including nurses.

How much mortgage can I get as a nurse?

A typical loan for a medical professional such as a nurse is up to 5 x annual income. Mortgage lenders will make an affordability assessment taking into account your overall financial situation.

Can agency nurses get a mortgage?

Yes, agency nurses are treated in the same way as an employee on a permanent contract, however, only if they can show consistent income over at least 12 months. Where an agency or bank nurse worker has less history of earnings (below 12 months) then the number of lenders who will lend starts to reduce.

To discuss mortgages for bank work nurses please do get in touch with the team. We look forward to working with you.