Ground Staff, Cabin Crew And Pilot Mortgages

Fox Davidson secure mortgages for Pilots and for Airline Crew & Cabin Crew. We are professional, across the market, mortgage brokers. As a
professional broker we can secure mortgages for pilots, airline staff and cabin crew from high street banks, building societies and private banks and exclusive broker only mortgage lenders.

How are Pilots, Airline Staff & Cabin Crew Paid?

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All airline staff and cabin crew are paid a base salary. The extra income is what can set you apart from a regular salaried employee in another industry. Flight staff pay sources include; basic salary, flight allowance pay, bonuses and expenses.


How do Mortgage Lenders Assess Airline Staff Income?

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As you are paid PAYE via a permanent employment contract all mortgage lenders will use 100% of your permanent basic salary. The discrepancies between mortgage lenders appears when it comes to your extra income from allowances. Some mortgage lenders will not consider 100% of flight allowance pay for example, others may only take 50% of it whereas some will not use it at all.

The difference in the amount you can borrow between the best and the worse lenders for Airline staff is huge. Therefore, it is so important that you use a whole of market mortgage broker as some of the best lenders for Airline staff are not high street banks.


How Much Can I borrow?

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Fox Davidson can secure up to 5 x joint income for Airline Staff and Cabin Crew.

In the past mortgage lenders used to apply income multiples, however, lenders now use an affordability calculator. This will factor in your income but also your deductions. Airline staff will likely have some deductions on their payslips such as pension contributions. Interestingly some lenders will deduct this income before determining how much you can borrow, whereas other lenders do not!


Typical Mortgage Terms for Airline Staff & Cabin Crew

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  • Up to 95% loan to value
  • Residential, Buy-to-let & Commercial Mortgages
  • Competitive Rates from the Whole of the Market
  • Lenders that Accept 100% of Flight Allowance Pay & Other Allowances

Using a Mortgage Broker

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Fox Davidson specialise in securing mortgages for pilots, Airline Staff, Cabin Crew & Air Traffic Control.

As a professional, across the market, mortgage broker, we have access to lenders that can be flexible with their lending criteria.

When securing a mortgage for Airline Staff we will use our knowledge and contacts to ensure we secure the best possible terms for your situation.

We work on your behalf so that you don’t have to take time out of your busy work day to negotiate with mortgage lenders.

Fox Davidson can secure mortgages for sports professionals wishing to finance Residential, Buy-to-Let and Commercial property in the UK.


Next Steps

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  • Call or email one of our professional mortgage brokers. They will complete a short fact find with you and discuss your requirements.
  • We search the market of 1,000’s of mortgage products and discuss your lending proposal with the chosen lender to ensure it meets criteria and is placed with the right lender, first time.
  • Your broker will then present the best possible mortgage terms to you.
  • On acceptance of the proposed terms we will complete all paperwork and handle the entire process from application through to completion on your behalf.

For more information please contact Fox Davidson to discuss mortgages for Airline Staff & Cabin Crew.