Mortgage Advice For Stockbrokers And Bankers

Fox Davidson specialise in securing mortgages for stockbrokers & City Bankers. We focus on securing finance for clients that receive a large amount of their income in bonuses & shares and also for clients that receive income in a foreign currency.

City Stockbrokers and Bankers fall into this category and many of our clients require specialist advice form an professional broker. We have the knowledge and expertise to know which lenders will accept this type of applicant.

We can secure mortgages for stockbrokers & Bankers in the following situations:

  • Income paid in a foreign currency
  • 100% of bonus income considered
  • Flexible underwriting looking at a client’s total assets
  • Lending to Foreign Nationals & British Expatriates

Bespoke underwriting

There are countless reasons why you may not tick the box of a high street lender. Perhaps a large proportion of your income is derived from bonuses or the bonus income is paid in dollars.

Where a high street lender will not lend, Fox Davidson are able to utilise private banks that apply bespoke underwriting. A private bank will usually require assets under management (AUM) but not all private banks.

Fox Davidson secure mortgages for stockbrokers & Bankers using private banks that can lend without a requirement for assets under management. The close relationships we have with the private banks have resulted in our securing mortgages for clients that have considerable assets such as stock or worldwide property but that do not tick the income boxes for the high street banks.

The process

Fox Davidson handle the whole process from application through to draw down of the funds.

We are a relationship broker and will take time out to meet with you and to appreciate your mortgage requirements and to come up with a bespoke financial solution to allow you to fund your property purchase or remortgage.

With offices in Bath, Bristol, Exeter & London, Fox Davidson are able to meet clients at out office locations, your home or your place of work.

Fox Davidson secure residential, buy to let and commercial mortgage for stockbrokers & Bankers.

To discuss mortgages for stockbrokers and City bankers please do email or call us.