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The Story

Bristol Mortgage Broker Large Loan Case Study: Fox Davidson: Your Trusted Bristol Mortgage Broker for Large Loans

Based in Bristol, Fox Davidson specialises in securing large loans. In a recent success story, Fox Davidson played a pivotal role in helping a client secure a mortgage for a remarkable £2 million property. The uniqueness of this case lay in the client’s role as a newly appointed partner in a prestigious Bristol law firm and the need for a lender who would consider a letter confirming the partner’s expected profit share.

The client, having recently become a partner in a prominent law firm, faced the hurdle of finding a lender willing to accept a letter confirming the partner’s expected profit share as a valid source of income. In addition, the large Bristol property they wished to purchase also had an annexe. This added layer of complexity required a mortgage broker with a deep understanding of the Bristol market and access to lenders with a flexible approach.

The Challenge


Fox Davidson, renowned for its commitment to personalised service and in-depth market knowledge, immediately went to work to find the ideal solution for the client. The first step involved a comprehensive consultation to understand the client’s financial situation, goals, and the unique circumstances surrounding their income verification.

The Bristol Advantage:

Being a Bristol-based mortgage broker provided Fox Davidson with a distinct advantage. The team’s extensive knowledge of the local market, combined with established relationships with private bank lenders, allowed us to identify financial institutions comfortable with considering the partner’s expected profit share. This local expertise proved invaluable in steering the client towards lenders who were actively looking to build relationships with high-net-worth individuals within the local area.

Tailored Solutions:

Recognising that each client’s situation is unique, Fox Davidson crafted a tailored solution that aligned with the client’s financial goals. The team collaborated closely with the client and the law firm to compile a comprehensive letter confirming the partner’s expected profit share. This meticulous approach ensured that the documentation presented to potential lenders was clear, and compelling, and addressed any concerns that may arise during the application process.

Leveraging Relationships:

Fox Davidson’s established relationships with a network of lenders specialising in large loans played a crucial role in securing favourable mortgage terms for the client. Our ability to advocate on behalf of the client and present a strong case to lenders made a significant impact. The client’s professional standing as a law firm partner combined with Fox Davidson’s expertise in presenting complex financial scenarios contributed to a positive outcome.

The Solution

Through Fox Davidson’s unwavering commitment and expertise, the client successfully secured a mortgage for the £2 million property in Bristol. The tailored approach, local market knowledge, and collaborative effort with client, their employer and the lender ensured a successful application process.

This case study highlights Fox Davidson’s role as a trusted Bristol mortgage broker for large loans, especially in scenarios where income verification may deviate from conventional sources. The ability to understand the local market, leverage relationships with lenders, and provide tailored solutions positions Fox Davidson as the go-to partner for clients seeking substantial mortgages in Bristol. As the property and lending landscape continues to evolve, Fox Davidson stands as a beacon of expertise and personalised service, ensuring clients achieve their property ownership dreams, even in the most complex scenarios.

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