Mortgages for Civil Servants.

Fox Davidson specialise in mortgages for Civil Servants. For over 15 years we have worked with Civil servants at all levels of Government to secure market leading finance terms form across the UK mortgage market.  Civil servants are considered low risk by mortgage lenders due to their job security and excellent benefits packages. As a result, we work with lenders that can offer up to 5- or 6-times income and secure extremely competitive mortgage terms for civil servants.

What is classed as a Civil Servant?

A civil servant includes anyone employed in a UK Government department or specialist agency. 

How do lenders view applicants employed in the Civil Service?

Mortgage lenders look favourably on anyone in secure employment with a good level of income. It therefore goes without saying that a civil servant will tick most lenders boxes when it comes to job security. It is therefore easier to secure higher income multiples and higher loan to value lending for employees within the civil service.

How much can a civil servant borrow?

Lenders now work on affordability calculators. Income multiples are still used to outline an absolute maximum amount they will lend but ultimately the amount you may borrow is determined by several factors. A mortgage lender looking to lend to a civil servant will consider; your age, any dependants, liabilities such as debt, school fees and pension contributions, the amount of deposit you have and of course your income.

What is the maximum age a civil servant can get a mortgage?

Mortgage lenders will lend to civil servants up to your stated retirement age. If you require lending past your retirement age the lender will need to assess your income into retirement from your government pension and any other external income such as property rental income or investments. It is possible to secure a mortgage up to age 70 with most mortgage lenders and some will lend to age 80 plus.

If I am posted abroad will I still be able to get a mortgage?

Yes. Civil servants or armed forces personnel posted abroad are still eligible for a mortgage in the UK. Not all mortgage lenders will lend but we work with many that will.

What is the process for securing a Civil Servant Mortgage?

Fox Davidson handle the entire mortgage process from completion of application forms, liaising with the lender, surveyor, estate agents and the solicitor to being about a swift conclusion of the house buying and re-mortgaging process. We can work by phone, email, online and in person to meet your needs. With offices in Bristol and London we work with many civil servants based at the MOD in Swindon and those at Whitehall in London.

A mortgage is a loan secured against your home or property. Your home or property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or any other debt secured on it.