Award-winning equestrian property finance advice in the UK

We help many clients who are looking to purchase a primarily residential property that also has some acreage and equestrian facilities like stables and paddocks.

This may range from a couple of stables to more formal equestrian facilities and often this type of scenario can be arranged at market leading high street rates.

Many lenders will limit the acreage they will secure finance against to ten acres and often they will only actually value an acre or two.  This cause an issue with down valuations.

At Fox Davidson we are experienced in financing property with equestrian facilities and have excellent relationships with high street lenders, specialist lenders and private banks to arrange mortgages at market leading rates.

We will have an initial chat with you over the phone which normally take around 10 minutes.

This is to gain an initial understanding of your circumstances, your income, the property and your plans for the property.

Our advisers will then come back to you usually the same day with an initial idea of the rate and costings.

We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround as we arrange high numbers of mortgage for equestrian property and therefore know which lenders to approach in order to have your case agreed and moving forward at a competitive rate and as quickly as possible.

Occasionally a property may have an equestrian tie.  Fox Davidson are experienced at financing property with equestrian ties.

The first thing to do is check the strength of the tie and whether you meet the conditions.  Once we have ascertained this we can speak with specialist lenders regarding the tie and look to get finance in place for you.

Often lenders may require a slightly larger deposit for a property with an equestrian or agricultural tie.

After speaking with lenders we can advise you of the necessary deposit required.

Fox Davidson are also experienced in sourcing finance for sportspeople.  Therefore if the equestrian property is your base for your sporting career we can help to finance this.

Fox Davidson are experienced in checking sports and sponsorship contracts and can use the contract income towards affordability.

Prize money and sponsorship income do not need to be paid in sterling in order for it to be used towards affordability.  Often this is paid in US Dollars or Euros.

We are experienced in using these and many other currencies as affordability for borrowing.

How much deposit do you need for a rural property?

We can arrange mortgage finance of up to 95% on equestrian property if you are looking to use the property as your main residence.

This can often be at high street rates.  Some lenders may limit the acreage they will value so if you are borrowing a high loan to value on a property with equestrian facilities and acreage we are very careful which lenders we place the finance with in order for the valuation to come in at the right level.