Investment Banker Mortgage Brokers

Fox Davidson are a leading property finance consultancy company, advising global clients in all aspects of property finance. 

We work with Investment Bankers to secure property finance from across the UK mortgage market. Our clients often require large loans that do not fit standard mortgage lenders lending criteria.  Mortgages for Investment Bankers are an area of lending we have specialised in for over 15 years. We can achieve high loan to value lending, interest only options, unlimited overpayment facilities and use 100% of bonus income. We work with lenders that take a holistic view of a client’s situation and that can utilise assets including carry and vested shares to secure bespoke lending terms. 

We secure finance for clients who are paid in multiple currencies and secure funding for employed and self-employed Investment Bankers.

Award winning mortgage advice for Investment Bankers.

Fox Davidson are a relationship broker. This means we take time to fully appreciate your current situation and your property goals. We provide tailored solutions to ensure the property finance we secure meets all your needs, both now and in the future. We can secure mortgages for a main residence, a pied a Terre, and on an investment property that you will rent out.

We will take care of all aspects of the mortgage process including liaising with the lender, the estate agents and the solicitors to ensure an efficient process leading to drawdown of the funds.

How do lenders treat an Investment Banker’s income?

As a rule, mortgage lenders will take an average of the last 3 years total compensation package for an Investment Banker. They will then deduct living costs and debts and we would expect to get anywhere up to 5.5 x net income. Often though it is more complex than that, there will likely be deferred compensation in the form of carry or vested shares which will add merit to a case and help us to secure higher lending amounts. It is all about building a case for lending and that is what we do well at Fox Davidson.

In the last 15 years we have had several major global events which have had a knock-on effect as to how lenders treat commission and bonus income. The crash of 2008 and more recently COVID-19. These events required lenders to take a closer look at ‘current’ levels of bonus and not to rely on past performance. It is now common for lenders to want to see 3 years history of bonus income but also to look at the last 6 months compensation to get a steer for your current earnings position. Most bankers have vested stock and we can utilise a client’s positive net asset position to leverage funding for a main residence mortgage via private banks and large loan teams within the high street banks.

In addition, Brexit resulted in some lenders (temporarily) pulling away from lending to European resident clients wishing to finance property in London. With an extensive network of lenders including private banks, high street banks, and specialist broker only lenders we have always been able to secure lending terms for our Investment Banker clients regardless of where they are resident in the world.

Why Fox Davidson?

We are experienced in securing mortgages for Investment Bankers, our consultants have been providing mortgage advice for Investment Bankers since 2005.  Over that time we have built up valuable relationships with key decision makers within high street and private banks as well as new to market challenger banks and boutique lenders. We take care of the whole process from enquiry through to completion and leave our clients to go about their work whilst we do ours.

We are an award-winning property finance consultancy with offices in Bath, Bristol, Exeter & Knightsbridge. Post Covid most of our advice is completed on the phone and by email or we can meet in person, we will adapt to meet your needs.

For mortgage advice for Investment Bankers and other banking professionals do call or complete our short enquiry form below. We look forward to working with you.