Mortgage Repayments On A 1 Million Pound Mortgage.

Use our mortgage repayment calculator to work out how much a 1 million pound mortgage will cost.

For up to date rates on large loans or to run through your situation in greater detail including a full assessment of your borrowing potential, please do get in touch with one of our advisors.

Large Loans.

The mortgage market for million-pound mortgages is once again competitive and borrowing up to 90% loan-to-value on a high-value property is achievable.  The lowest interest rates are reserved for clients with a 40% deposit. 

Fox Davidson are a specialist large loan mortgage broker and work with clients to secure funding from £1 million with no upward limit.

Our clients are global and their income and borrowing requirements are often complex.

We are an award-winning large loan property finance consultancy and have very good relationships with private banks and large loan mortgage lenders.

We secure funding for homeowners, property investors and businesses wishing to fund commercial premises to trade from.

How much are the monthly payments on a £1 million pound mortgage?

The monthly costs of a million pound mortgage will vary depending on several varying factors. If you wish to obtain a quote for a large loan or to discuss your borrowing potential please do get in touch with one of the team.


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How much deposit do I need for a million-pound property?

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Several large loan mortgage lenders will lend up to 90% loan-to-value. Therefore, a 10% deposit would be sufficient to purchase a property upwards of £1 million.


Will mortgage lenders accept income paid in a foreign currency?

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Certain mortgage lenders will accept income paid in a foreign currency. This includes US dollars, Euros, UAE Dirhams and Swiss Francs, among others.

Some lenders will factor in a currency fluctuation of up to 25% but, in general, for large loans above £1 million, income paid in a foreign income is acceptable.


Do mortgage lenders accept income from commission and bonuses?

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Since the COVID pandemic in 2020, lenders will accept income from commission and bonus but will look to see current commission levels earned in the last 3 months.

Where annual bonuses are paid lenders will seek to gain some form of confirmation of the current years’ bonus. As high net worth brokers our job is to place the business with a lender that understands and appreciates our client’s total compensation package.

Other assets are taken into consideration including vested shares and allowances such as car and living allowances.


Can I offset savings when borrowing over £1 million?

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£1 million-plus offset mortgages allow you to offset savings held in a linked savings account. These mortgages are very popular with clients that hold large cash sums in savings accounts.


Fox Davidson.

Fox Davidson specialise in large loans. We work with global clients to secure lending upwards of £1 million pounds, debt is secured on properties in the UK. We work with all types of clients and secure finance on residential and commercial property for owner-occupation or investment.

We have offices at which we can meet clients in Bath, Bristol, Exeter, and London, or we can work by phone and email. We are finding success completing initial meeting via Zoom and other online meeting portals, minimising everyone’s time spent travelling and ensures we can work more efficiently for our clients.

To discuss £1 million mortgages please call, email, or complete our short enquiry form and one of our advisers will be delighted to provide you with the required help and advice.

A mortgage is a loan secured against your home or property. Your home or property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or any other debt secured on it.