Location: London

Loan Amount:

Finance Category: Residential Mortgage

The Story

At Fox Davidson, our commitment to tailoring mortgage solutions recently led us to a notable success – securing an interest-only mortgage for a valued client, an employee of Deutsche Bank. This case study explores how our specialisation in understanding the unique financial needs of investment bankers allowed us to arrange an 80% loan-to-value interest-only mortgage, offering our client the flexibility to use their second home in Dartmouth during weekends and school holidays, and even generate income by letting it out, should they wish to.

The Challenge

Our journey began with a thorough consultation, where we delved into the specific financial goals and usage plans our client had for their second home in Dartmouth. The client, an employee of Deutsche Bank, expressed a preference for an interest-only mortgage to align with their financial strategy, emphasising the desire to enjoy the property during holidays and weekends while also exploring the potential for generating income through short term letting.

Expertise in Interest-Only Mortgages:

Our specialisation in catering to the unique needs of investment bankers allowed us to approach this challenge with confidence. Leveraging our industry insights and network, we identified lenders who were open to providing favourable terms for an interest-only mortgage, considering the use of the property as a second main residence and possible short term letting of the property.

The Solution

Securing an 80% Loan-to-Value Interest-Only Mortgage:

Our dedicated efforts resulted in the successful arrangement of an 80% loan-to-value interest-only mortgage for the Deutsche Bank employee. This accomplishment not only allowed the client to access a higher level of financing but also provided them with the financial flexibility of interest-only payments. This bespoke mortgage solution perfectly aligned with the client’s requirements.

Flexibility for Property Use and Income Generation:

One of the standout features we negotiated for our client was the flexibility to let the property for part of the year. This unique offering empowered our client to generate income from the property when not in personal use, showcasing our ability to secure terms that met the dual objectives of personal use and to generate an income.

Client Satisfaction and Long-Term Partnership:


The success of this tailored mortgage solution resonated strongly with our client, who commended us for our diligence, personalized approach, and ability to secure a mortgage that not only met their immediate needs but also aligned with their long-term financial goals. This positive outcome has not only satisfied our client’s requirements but has also laid the foundation for a lasting partnership between Fox Davidson and the Deutsche Bank employee.



At Fox Davidson, our recent achievement in securing an 80% loan-to-value interest-only mortgage with flexibility for personal use and income generation exemplifies our dedication to providing bespoke financial solutions for investment bankers. Our expertise in understanding and navigating the intricacies of unique client requirements positions us as a trusted partner for those seeking financial freedom and strategic property investments in the UK. 

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