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Finance Category: Residential Mortgage

The Story

Our client approached Fox Davidson seeking financing on a buy to let property. Our client plays their football at the highest level both for Club and Country and had recently taken employment in Spain.

The Challenge

The client was a sports professional who had recently moved to a Football club abroad and this posed a unique challenge that required our expertise to overcome:
Securing a buy to let mortgage at a 75% LTV was essential for the purchase to conclude (based on the deposit available). The client’s profession (sports professional), their employment type (fixed term contract) and their country of residency (Spain) all posed problems that high street lenders can’t get comfortable with.
We therefore needed to speak with mortgage lenders that assess each case on its own merits.

The Solution

Fox Davidson conducted a meticulous assessment of our clients’ financial situation, considering both their personal circumstances and the potential income from the investment property.

Leveraging our vast network of lenders specialising in sports professional and expat mortgages, we identified those with expertise in financing these situations. Our knowledge of lenders’ criteria and preferences allowed us to select the most suitable lender for the loan.

Working closely with our client, we put together a customised mortgage solution from a private bank that met our clients’ specific financial objectives. Our solution allowed our client to secure a 75% loan to value buy to let mortgage and the property transaction has now gone on to complete.

Results and Success

Through our unwavering dedication and strategic approach, we achieved outstanding results for our client’s property business.

We identified a lender who recognised the unique nature of the scenario and provided a mortgage at the desired 75% LTV, aligning with our clients’ financial objectives.

Competitive and tailored terms: Our negotiation skills allowed us to secure mortgage terms that included competitive interest rates, an interest only facility and a banking facility for the client.


The funding was arranged by mortgage consultant Oliver Fare. You can contact Oliver by email: oliver@foxdavidson.co.uk or call 0117 989 7950.