Location: Bristol

Loan Amount:

Finance Category: Residential Mortgage

The Story

Fox Davidson recently embarked on a journey to help first-time buyers achieve their dream of homeownership. Our clients approached us as they had been recommended by some friends whom we had helped secure a mortgage using stipend income.  Their situation was very similar in that one of them was in receipt of a stipend and they had been turned down by their own bank as their bank would not accept the stipend income for mortgage affordability purposes.

The Challenge

The primary challenge lay in the unconventional nature of their stipend income. Traditional lenders often hesitate to consider stipends as a stable income source, making the mortgage application process more complex for individuals relying on this form of financial support. 

The Solution

The Fox Davidson Approach:

  • In-Depth Financial Assessment:

Fox Davidson initiated the process with a thorough financial assessment, understanding the consistency and duration of the applicant with the stipend income. This involved delving into the specifics of their financial situation to present a comprehensive picture to potential lenders.

  • Holistic Financial Planning:

Beyond stipend income, we worked closely with our clients to build a holistic financial plan. This included exploring both applicants’ income sources, assessing financial stability, and understanding their long-term financial goals.

Lender relationships:

Leveraging our established relationships with lenders specialising in accommodating unconventional income sources, we connected our clients with a lender willing to recognise the stability and value of stipend income.


Fox Davidson’s tailored approach and commitment to understanding the nuances of stipend income resulted in success for or clients. They successfully secured a mortgage for their desired property in Bristol, marking a significant milestone in their journey to homeownership.

Client Testimonial:

“Fox Davidson exceeded our expectations in securing a mortgage for our first home. Their expertise in handling stipend income was invaluable. They took the time to understand our unique situation, connected us with a lender who could use the stipend income, and guided us through the entire application process.”