Location: Cornwall

Loan Amount:

Finance Category: Residential Mortgage

The Story

Fox Davidson specialise in providing tailored mortgage solutions to meet the unique needs of our
clients. In this case study, we present a successful outcome for a couple in Cornwall who sought our
expertise to secure a mortgage for their insulated concrete formwork (ICF) constructed dream

The Challenge

Our clients had recently built a spacious detached family home in the picturesque county of
Cornwall, utilising a cutting-edge construction technique known as insulated concrete formwork
(ICF). With its exceptional energy efficiency, structural integrity, and sustainability benefits, ICF
construction has been gaining popularity across the UK.

Despite the many advantages of ICF construction, our clients encountered a hurdle when they
discovered that some mortgage lenders in the UK were hesitant to lend on properties built using
modern construction methods like ICF. They contacted Fox Davidson as we are familiar with
construction methods and fund both the build and long-term mortgages on modern methods of

The Solution

Leveraging our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the mortgage market, we advised the couple on
which lenders were open to providing mortgages for ICF properties. Our extensive network of
lenders enabled us to identify those with a favourable stance towards modern construction

Collaborative Approach:
At Fox Davidson, we believe in building relationships with our clients. We understand the
importance of communication, and good fact finding at the outset. We gathered all of the necessary
details about their property, including its unique features and the ICF construction process, who the
warranty provider was, insurance details etc.

Armed with our research findings, we presented the clients with a range of mortgage options from
lenders who were willing to consider ICF properties. We carefully explained the pros and cons of
each option, helping them make an informed decision. Once they selected the most suitable
mortgage product, we worked diligently to ensure a smooth and seamless mortgage application


Thanks to our tailored approach and extensive network of lenders, we successfully secured a
mortgage for our clients ICF property. Our in-depth knowledge of the mortgage market allowed us
to match their unique requirements with a lender who recognized the value of ICF construction. As a
result, our clients were able to complete their dream home and move in without the stress and
uncertainty they initially faced.

At Fox Davidson, we pride ourselves on providing expert advice and solutions for unique mortgage
scenarios. Our successful case study highlights our commitment to finding innovative solutions for
clients seeking mortgages for ICF properties. If you are planning to build or purchase an ICF property
and require mortgage financing, contact us today. Our experienced team is ready to guide you
through the process and help you secure the ideal mortgage for your dream home.