Fox Davidson are an award-winning Bristol development finance broker. We secure property development finance for clients across Bristol and the South West. 

We secure funding for sites across Bristol and the Southwest including both residential and commercial developments.

We work with developers to secure market-leading finance terms on all types of developments from light refurbishments through to ground up new build developments.  

Working with Fox Davidson gives you access to all UK development finance lenders.

Our Bristol property development finance brokers secure funding from £100,000 to multi-million-pound schemes.

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Development Finance in Bristol

Fox Davidson a specialist Bristol development finance broker. Since 2013 we have been working with property developers to help them cost effectively refurbish and build property in and around Bristol. 

We work with first time developers as well as seasoned SME developers. 

We can fund residential & commercial developments including student accommodation, retail units, hotels, and multi-unit residential developments.

The process

  • We will acquire the relevant information on you and the development project
  • Within 48 hours we will have matched your project with the correct funding partner, taking account of costs as well as timescales and the type of development.
  • Your broker will arrange to meet with you and the lender, usually on site. .
  • Fox Davidson will follow the enquiry right though to completion of the site and manage the progress and draw downs.

What are the different types of development finance?

Development finance falls into several different categories depending on the level of work involved. The different types are:

Light Refurbishment
Light refurbishment development finance applies to the redecoration of a property or the replacement of bathrooms and kitchens. So long as the work does not need planning, is not structural or doesn’t involve a change of use of the property then lenders will class the development of a property as ‘light refurbishment’.

Heavy Refurbishment
The heavy refurbishment of a property will involve structural changes, a change of use, maybe from C3 residential use to C4 HMO use. Heavy refurbishments may be completed under permitted development or may need planning permission.

Conversions & New Build
Property development finance for conversions can be completed under permitted development or may need planning. Conversions include the development of a commercial unit into a block of apartments.

New build developments from the ground up may involve the demolition of an existing building or the development of land into multiple new build houses and/or apartments.

Development finance rates and criteria

The lending terms will vary depending on several factors including the developers experience, the amount of money you can put into the deal on day 1, the loan amount and the type of property being developed. The typical terms for lending are:

  • 80% of total costs including the land purchase price, the stamp duty, all professional fees, and 100% of your build costs.
  • The maximum loan to gross development value is typically 60% to 70% and this varies from lender to lender.
  • Joint venture equity funding of up to 100% of ALL costs are possible using our joint venture partners


What profit does a property developer need to make?

The minimum amount of profit a developer should be making from a project is approx. 20% pre-finance.

Is development finance possible without planning permission?

Lenders require planning permission to be in place before funds are drawn down. A solution we have is to secure bridging finance on the land or property with a view to drawing down the development finance once planning permission is in place.

Bridging finance is a short-term loan secured on property or land in the UK.

How quickly can I secure property development finance?

The lenders we work with are focused on lending funds for property development finance only. This means that decisions can be made quickly. Fox Davidson only presents deals to lenders that have all the required information a lender needs to make an informed lending decision. We have achieved drawdown of funds within 2 weeks of application but this process relies on external professional 3rd parties such as solicitors and surveyors.

What paperwork is required for a property development finance loan?

  • Developer CV’s showcasing previous developments
  • Development appraisal including build costs and schedule of works
  • Details of your professional team and contractor(s)
  • Full planning where necessary
  • Due diligence – Proof of ID and proof of deposit funds

Further paperwork may be required depending on the lender and/or the proposed scheme.

Next Steps

To discuss property development finance with a Bristol development finance broker please do get in touch. 

You can complete our enquiry form, email  or call our Bristol office on 0117 989 7950. 

Initially, we work by phone and email. Once we have confirmed terms and you are happy to proceed we will meet you in person and visit the development site along with the lender.