What Would Happen If…

Mo looks after our clients protection needs and ensures that they are adequately protected if something unexpected should happen during the term of the mortgage. 

Ask yourself what would happen to my mortgage if I were to die? What would happen to my mortgage if I lost my job or couldn’t work anymore, what would happen to my mortgage or I had a serious illness such as cancer or a heart attack. 

In all cases a mortgage remain payable, if you cant work then how will you make the payments, if you were to pass away then who would be left with the debt, can they afford to pay the mortgage on their own?

Mo takes care of all the what if’s and ensures our clients are adequately protected with insurance products such as life assurance, income protection and critical illness cover.

For a free review of your protection call or email Mo you can reach him on 01179 89 79 50 or email mo@foxdavidson.co.uk