Location: Cornwall

Loan Amount: £490,000

Finance Category: Residential Mortgage

The Story

Fox Davidson were contacted by an accountant that needed an experienced broker that worked with accountancy professionals.

The Challenge

Our client ran a successful accountancy firm in the south west. Their accounts showed good profits, but our client’s drawings were minimal. We needed a lender that would lend based on company net profit plus salary rather than dividends and salary.

The Solution

Fox Davidson specialise in mortgages for accountants. We work with lenders that can work from 1 year’s accounts, can utilise the latest years profits only and we can secure mortgages using gross/net profit plus salary. We placed our client with a competitive high street bank that used the latest years net profit plus the clients salary and was able to lend our client the funds they required.

Mortgages For Company Directors (LTD)

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