Location: London

Loan Amount:

Finance Category: Residential Mortgage

The Story

Our client owned a main residence in London and a second residential property in the Bath. They were seeking ways to make their financial assets work more effectively for them. With a substantial savings balance and an existing mortgage on the second property, the client approached us to explore options for remortgageing the second property which could provide greater flexibility and financial advantages.

The Challenge

The client’s primary concern was maximising the value of their savings while also optimising the terms of their mortgage. They were keen on finding a solution that allowed them to offset their savings against their mortgage balance, reducing interest payments and potentially shortening the loan term.

The Solution

After a thorough analysis of the client’s financial situation and goals, we recommended an offset mortgage for the remortgage of their second residential property. An offset mortgage is a unique financial product that enables homeowners to link their savings balance to their mortgage, offsetting the interest payable on the loan. This solution not only aligned with the client’s objective of minimizing interest payments but also provided the flexibility to access their savings when needed.

Implementation Process:

Financial Assessment:

We conducted a detailed financial assessment to understand the client’s current mortgage terms, savings balance, and long-term financial goals. This step was crucial in customizing a solution that would cater to their specific needs.

Offset Mortgage Selection:

After analysing various mortgage options available in the market, we identified an offset mortgage product that offered competitive interest rates and favourable terms. The selected mortgage allowed the client to link their savings account directly to the mortgage, creating a financial synergy that would work to their advantage.

Application and Approval:

We assisted the client throughout the mortgage application process, ensuring that all necessary documentation was submitted accurately and promptly. The application was processed efficiently, and the mortgage was approved within the desired timeframe.

The Benefits of the Offset Mortgage solution:

Interest Savings:

By offsetting their substantial savings balance against the mortgage, the client experienced a significant reduction in the interest payable on the loan. This translated into immediate financial savings and contributed to a more efficient use of their resources.

Flexibility and Liquidity:

The offset mortgage provided the client with unparalleled flexibility. They could access their savings whenever needed without penalties or affecting the mortgage terms. This level of liquidity offered peace of mind and a safety net for unforeseen expenses or investment opportunities.

Shortened Loan Term:

The client’s strategic use of an offset mortgage not only reduced their interest payments but also had the potential to shorten the overall loan term. The clients can switch between reduced payments or a reduced term at anytime during the loan. This accelerated path to mortgage freedom aligned with the client’s long-term financial goals.


The successful remortgage of the second residential property onto an offset mortgage exemplifies the value of strategic financial planning. By understanding the client’s unique circumstances and goals, we were able to tailor a solution that maximised the benefits of their savings while optimizing their mortgage terms. This case study serves as a testament to the power of innovative mortgage products in achieving financial objectives and enhancing overall wealth management strategies.