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The Story

Unleashing the Power of Offset Mortgages: Fox Davidson’s Tailored Solution for a High-Value Loan for a Self-Employed Barrister

In the dynamic world of mortgage finance, individuals with complex financial portfolios often seek innovative solutions to optimise their wealth. Fox Davidson recently demonstrated its expertise of mortgages by assisting a self-employed barrister in securing an offset mortgage for a high-value loan. This case study unveils the intricacies of the transaction and highlights the unique advantages offset mortgages can offer to higher rate taxpayers with substantial savings balances, particularly those who are self-employed and strategically manage their tax savings.

Our client, a highly successful self-employed barrister, approached Fox Davidson seeking financial advice on optimising their mortgage structure. As a higher rate taxpayer, the client was keen on exploring options that could not only accommodate their substantial savings but also align with their long-term financial goals. Having been advised by their financial advisor to consider offset mortgages, the client turned to Fox Davidson due to our reputation for specialising in offset mortgages for large loans.

The Challenge

Tax Efficiency:

Being a higher rate taxpayer, our client was keen on minimising their tax liabilities. Traditional savings accounts were yielding minimal returns, and the client was searching for a more tax-efficient solution to make the most of their savings.

Large Loan Requirement:

The client required a significant loan amount, and finding a mortgage that offered favourable terms for such a high-value loan was a priority. Fox Davidson’s expertise in structuring mortgages for large loans positioned us as the ideal partner for this endeavour.


Financial Flexibility for a Self-Employed Professional:

Self-employed individuals, like our barrister client, often experience irregular income streams. The challenge was to design a mortgage solution that provided financial flexibility, allowing for fluctuations in income while still optimising the use of their savings.

The Solution

Thorough Financial Assessment:

Fox Davidson conducted a comprehensive analysis of the client’s financial situation, considering their income, savings, and long-term financial objectives. This detailed assessment laid the groundwork for customising a mortgage solution that addressed the client’s unique needs.


Offset Mortgage Selection:

Leveraging our extensive network of lenders, we identified an offset mortgage product that not only accommodated the substantial loan amount required but also offered competitive interest rates. The offset feature allowed the client to link their savings to the mortgage, providing a mechanism to reduce interest payments.

Tax Efficiency and Savings Maximization:

The offset mortgage proved to be a tax-efficient solution for our higher rate taxpayer client. By offsetting their substantial savings against the mortgage, the client could potentially reduce their taxable income, resulting in significant tax savings over the life of the loan.

Flexibility for Self-Employed Income Variability:

Recognising the challenges faced by self-employed professionals, Fox Davidson structured the offset mortgage to provide flexibility in repayments. The client could use their offset savings to cover mortgage payments during periods of lower income, ensuring financial stability.

Benefits Realised:

Tax Savings:

The offset mortgage strategy implemented by Fox Davidson resulted in substantial tax savings for the client. By strategically offsetting their savings against the mortgage, the client was able to minimise their taxable income, translating into a more tax-efficient financial position.

Optimised Loan Terms:

The tailored offset mortgage not only accommodated the high-value loan requirement but also offered favourable terms, ensuring that the client’s financial objectives were met without compromising on financial stability.

Financial Flexibility and Security:

The offset mortgage provided the self-employed barrister with the flexibility to manage fluctuations in income, thanks to the ability to use their savings to cover mortgage payments when needed. This feature added a layer of financial security, especially in a profession with variable income streams.


Fox Davidson’s success in securing an offset mortgage for our self-employed barrister client exemplifies the power of customised financial solutions. By understanding the unique challenges faced by higher rate taxpayers with substantial savings, particularly those who are self-employed, we were able to structure a mortgage that not only optimised tax efficiency but also provided the flexibility necessary for a successful financial strategy. This case study showcases the value of offset mortgages in empowering individuals with complex financial portfolios to achieve their long-term wealth management goals.

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