Location: Cheddar, Somerset

Loan Amount:

Finance Category: Development Finance

The Story

Fox Davidson are a trusted and experienced property development finance broker in Cheddar. Our team of experts specialises in funding property developments of all kinds, from ground-up new builds to refurbishments and permitted developments. When a property developer approached us for help with funding the development of four new build houses in Cheddar, we were
more than happy to assist. The developer had previously used a high street commercial bank for their property development funding. However, on this occasion, the bank was unable to lend to them. As a result, the developer turned to Google to find a property development finance broker in Cheddar, and they found us.

The Challenge

We began by gathering detailed information about the proposed development, including the cost of the land, the projected build costs, and the estimated resale value of the completed properties. We used this information to create a detailed funding proposal that we presented to over 40 different development finance lenders. Our team has strong relationships with a wide range of development finance lenders, including specialist lenders, private investors, and challenger banks. We know which lenders are likely to be interested in funding specific types of development projects, and we understand the lending criteria of each lender.

The Solution

After presenting the funding proposal to multiple lenders, we were able to secure several competitive funding offers for the developer. We presented these offers to the developer, along with our recommendations on the most suitable funding option for their specific circumstances. After careful consideration, the developer chose the most suitable funding option, and we began working with the lender to finalise the funding agreement. Our team supported the developer throughout the entire process, from negotiating the terms of the agreement to completing the necessary paperwork. Thanks to our expertise in the property development finance market, we were able to secure a competitive funding agreement for the developer, which allowed them to move forward with their development project. The development was completed on time and on budget, and the developer was able to sell the properties for a profit.

Fox Davidson are a leading property development finance broker in Cheddar that can help property developers to secure the funding they need for their development projects. We have extensive experience in the property development finance market and a wide network of lenders that we work with to find the best funding options for our clients. Whether you are looking to
fund a ground-up new build or a refurbishment project, we can help.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and find out how we can assist you in achieving your property development goals.