Location: Norfolk

Loan Amount: £1.3m

Finance Category: Development Finance

The Story

When it comes to property development finance, finding the right lender who is not only willing to fund your project but also easy to work with can be a daunting task if you don’t know the market. I think it is safe to estimate that there are more than 60 development finance lenders in the UK. Finding the right funder can be made much easier by working with a property development finance broker.

Finding the right funder for a 3-unit scheme was the challenge faced by a developer in Norfolk, who was looking to secure a £1.3m facility to fund the acquisition of a site and the build of 3 x 5-bed houses. That’s where Fox Davidson, a leading property development finance broker in Norfolk, stepped in to provide a solution.



The Challenge

The developer had a promising project in Norfolk but needed a substantial amount of funding to bring it to life. They required a loan that would cover both the acquisition of the site and the construction of the houses. Moreover, they were looking for a lender who was responsive, easy to work with, and prompt in replying to any queries they had.



The Solution

Fox Davidson, with its extensive experience and deep understanding of the property development finance landscape in Norfolk, was able to assist. We understood the unique needs of the developer and knew that beyond securing the necessary funds, the ease of communication and responsiveness of the lender were crucial for the success of the project.
We leveraged our vast network of lenders and our expertise as a property development finance broker to find the perfect match for the client. We introduced the developer to a lender who not only offered the £1.3m facility they needed but also had a reputation for being easy to work with and prompt in their responses.


The Outcome

The developer was able to secure the £1.3m facility they needed to fund the acquisition of the site and the construction of the 3 x 5-bed houses. The process was smooth, and the lender we introduced was indeed easy to work with and prompt in replying to any queries the developer had.

The developer was able to focus on what they do best – developing properties, while we took care of the finance side of things. The project is now well underway, and the developer is extremely satisfied with the outcome.


This case study demonstrates Fox Davidson’s commitment to providing tailored property development finance solutions in Norfolk. As a leading property development finance broker in Norfolk, we understand the unique needs of developers and work tirelessly to meet them. Whether you’re looking for funding for a large-scale development or a smaller project, Fox Davidson can help developers secure the finance they need.



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