As a leading commercial mortgage broker in Cheddar, Fox Davidson takes pride in delivering tailored solutions for complex financing needs. In this case study, we showcase our expertise in securing a semi-commercial mortgage for a unique property in Cheddar—a café with 2 residential flats above it. Our ability to navigate the intricacies of this transaction, despite the clients’ limited commercial property experience, highlights our commitment to helping clients achieve their financial goals.

Location: Cheddar

Loan Amount:

Finance Category: Commercial Property Finance

The Story

Our clients approached Fox Davidson seeking financing for their semi-commercial property in Cheddar. The property comprised a bustling café on the ground floor, while 2 residential flats were located above. Although the clients had extensive experience with buy-to-let properties, this was their first foray into the commercial property market.

The Challenge

Securing a mortgage for a semi-commercial property presented several challenges that we addressed:

Limited commercial property experience: The clients’ lack of experience in the commercial property sector required us to guide them through the unique aspects of securing a semi-commercial mortgage.

Property valuation: An accurate property valuation was crucial for determining the loan amount and ensuring a successful financing solution.
Lender selection: Identifying lenders with an appetite for financing semi-commercial properties in Cheddar demanded an in-depth understanding of the local lending landscape.

The Solution

Thorough financial assessment: We conducted a comprehensive analysis of the clients’ financial position, considering their existing buy-to-let properties. This assessment provided valuable insights into their financial capacity and served as a foundation for structuring the mortgage solution.

Tailored mortgage solution: Leveraging our expertise in semi-commercial mortgages, we customised a financing solution that met the clients’ requirements. We considered their financial capacity, the property’s value, and their long-term investment goals.

Extensive lender network: Drawing upon our vast network of lenders specialising in commercial mortgages, we identified those with a willingness to finance semi-commercial properties in Cheddar. This enabled us to narrow down the options to lenders who aligned with the clients’ unique needs.

Expert guidance and support: Recognising the clients’ limited commercial property experience, we provided comprehensive guidance throughout the process. We explained the intricacies of the transaction, answered their questions, and ensured they were comfortable and informed at every stage.

Results & Success

Through our strategic approach and specialised knowledge, we achieved remarkable success in securing a semi-commercial mortgage for our clients purchase of a semi-commercial property in Cheddar. The key outcomes of our collaboration included:

Financing secured: We successfully identified a lender willing to finance the semi-commercial property, considering the clients’ limited commercial property experience. The approved mortgage of £215,000 met our clients’ financing needs.

Competitive terms: Our negotiations with the lender resulted in favourable mortgage terms, including a competitive interest rate, suitable loan duration, and flexible repayment options. These terms were tailored to the property yield and our client’s long-term investment objectives.

Smooth and efficient process: Our expertise in managing the complexities of semi-commercial mortgages ensured a streamlined application process. We facilitated clear communication between the client and the lender, minimising delays and ensuring a timely completion.


The successful acquisition of a semi-commercial property in Cheddar through our tailored financing solution exemplifies Fox Davidson’s commitment to providing exceptional service as a commercial mortgage broker in the Southwest. Our ability to navigate the unique challenges of this transaction, combined with our extensive lender network and client-focused approach, solidifies our position as a trusted partner for clients seeking commercial mortgage solutions in Cheddar.
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