This case study highlights the expertise and advice we provided to existing portfolio landlords in Bristol wishing to purchase a unique property—a restaurant with a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) above it. The complex nature of this mixed-use property required specialised knowledge and a tailored solution. This case study showcases how Fox Davidson navigated the challenges and successfully facilitated the financing for our client.

Location: Bristol

Loan Amount:

Finance Category: Commercial Property Finance

The Story

The clients, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, envisioned an investment opportunity that combined a thriving restaurant business on the ground floor with an HMO above, creating a diverse revenue stream. Located in Bristol, the property had significant potential for generating income from both the restaurant and multiple tenants residing in the HMO.

The Challenge

The Johnsons approached Fox Davidson with their unique property and financing requirements. Several challenges needed to be addressed to secure the semi-commercial mortgage:

Mixed-use classification: Combining a commercial unit with an HMO required a lender experienced in financing such properties.

Property valuation: Accurately valuing a property with different usage components was crucial for obtaining the required mortgage amount.
Lender selection: Identifying lenders with favourable terms, competitive rates, and a willingness to finance a semi-commercial property posed a challenge but one which we cherished.

The Solution

In-depth analysis and research: Fox Davidson conducted thorough market research to identify lenders specialising in semi-commercial mortgages with experience in mixed-use properties like the Johnsons’ restaurant with an HMO above. We understand the specific criteria and lending appetite of different lenders in this niche market.

Customised solutions: Fox Davidson worked closely with the Johnsons to understand their financial goals, property details, and long-term plans. Based on this information, we tailored a mortgage solution that aligned with the clients’ objectives and maximized their investment potential.

Lender negotiations: Armed with comprehensive knowledge of lenders specialising in semi-commercial mortgages, Fox Davidson engaged in negotiations with various lenders on behalf of the Johnsons. We presented the property detail and clients experience and financials, highlighting the property’s potential and the clients’ creditworthiness and letting experience.

Expert advice and support: Throughout the process, Fox Davidson provided expert guidance, answering the Johnsons’ questions, and addressing their concerns. We facilitated clear communication between the clients and the lender, ensuring a smooth and transparent experience.

Results and Success

Through Fox Davidson’s diligent efforts and expertise, the Johnsons were successful in securing a semi-commercial mortgage for their restaurant with an HMO above. The tailored solution met their financial requirements, enabling them to realise their investment goals and capitalise on the property’s income potential.

Key Achievements

Financing secured: Fox Davidson successfully identified a lender specialising in semi-commercial mortgages who understood the unique nature of the Johnsons’ property and who was willing to provide the required financing.

Competitive terms: The negotiated mortgage terms, including a favourable fixed rate interest rate and an interest only repayment option, were tailored to the clients’ specific needs, ensuring long-term affordability and ultimately profitability.

Streamlined process: By acting as intermediaries between the clients and the lender, we facilitated a smooth and efficient mortgage application process. Our expertise in managing the complexities of semi-commercial mortgages minimised delays and ensured a timely completion.


This case study demonstrates Fox Davidson’s ability to navigate the intricacies of securing a semi-commercial mortgage for a property with a restaurant and HMO above. Through our market knowledge, customised solutions, and effective negotiations, Fox Davidson successfully met the clients’ financing needs and helped them unlock the potential of their mixed-use property.