Interview with Zoa Arnel, owner of Bristol Property Finders

We recently met with Zoa Arnel, owner of Bristol Property Finders to find out just what property finding was all about.

To be honest I couldn’t see the added value over and above an estate agent – how wrong I was!

Zoa points out that “There are numerous estate agents in Bristol who will help you sell your property, but who do you turn to if you need help finding and buying your property?”

Bristol Property Finders is a brand new friendly, local service for people who are searching for property in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

She continues “Searching for the right property can be time consuming and frustrating. It can sometimes feel like a full time job! Properties can look perfect on paper, but when you go to view them, they are often not suitable and you have just wasted your time on another pointless viewing.”

Using their knowledge of the market and negotiating skills, Zoa’s team aims to save clients time and money by doing all the hard work for you.

They offer a personal and very flexible service as they take the time to get to know exactly what kind of property you are looking for before they start the search.

A property finder will carry out initial viewings on selected properties and provide clients with a short-list of only the most suitable properties.

This saves the client time and money by not having to visit properties that sound good on paper but in reality are a disappointment, Zoa says they typically will view 20 properties, but the client will only need to view a few that made the short-list.

From speaking with Zoa I now understand and appreciate the added value Bristol Property Finders brings.

Clients such as those who aren’t as mobile or who don’t have the time to do the viewings really do have a need for a bespoke service from a property finder.

If you would like to know more about how Bristol Property Finders can help, you can visit their website www.bristolpropertyfinders.com or call them on 0117 844 0008.