Location: Bristol

Loan Amount: £823,000

Finance Category: Residential Mortgage

The Story

An accountant working at one of the top accountancy firms in the UK was relocating from London to Bristol and required funding on a large Georgian property in Clifton. Their employment status had also recently changed.

The Challenge

Our client had recently been made a partner in the accountancy firm and was therefore now classed as self-employed for mortgage purposes. Their existing lender had declined to lend to them, so our client needed an experienced head that understood the situation and could secure funding for them.

The Solution

As a specialist mortgage broker for professionals, we are often asked to secure funding where a client’s career progression has seen them move from employed to partnership status. In this instance, we were able to use a letter from the company confirming the status change and the annual drawings for the client.

We were able to secure funding for the client at high street rates and also introduced them to a local solicitors firm that handled the conveyancing for them.

Mortgages For Accountants

For more information on mortgages for accountants in Bristol and indeed the UK please contact a member of the Fox Davidson team: Email enquiry@foxdavidson.co.uk or call us on 0117 989 7950.