Location: London

Loan Amount:

Finance Category: Residential Mortgage

The Story

Here at Fox Davidson, our commitment to providing tailored mortgage solutions recently led us to a particularly rewarding success story. We successfully arranged a significant loan for an investment banker from Hargreaves Lansdown, who was undergoing a major life transition, moving from London to Bristol and changing employers in the process. This case study sheds light on how, as a Bristol-based mortgage broker, we overcame challenges tied to the change of employment and location, ultimately securing a mortgage for our client by leveraging their overall wealth, earnings history, and the new employment contract.

Understanding the Client’s Unique Situation:

Our client, an investment banker at Hargreaves Lansdown, approached us at a pivotal moment in their life. They were not only relocating from London to Bristol but also transitioning to a new employer. This significant change had led to difficulties in securing a mortgage with their current lender, prompting them to seek our expertise at Fox Davidson.

The Challenge

Building a Holistic Picture of Financial Stability:

Recognising the challenges posed by the change in employment, our team embarked on a comprehensive assessment of the client’s overall financial profile. We delved into their wealth portfolio, earnings history, and meticulously analysed the details of their new contract of employment. This holistic approach allowed us to present a complete and accurate picture of the client’s financial stability to potential lenders.

Leveraging Local Insight:

As a Bristol-based mortgage broker, we brought an additional layer of value to our client’s experience. We offered insights into the Bristol market, sharing our knowledge of the city’s unique characteristics, property trends, and financial landscape. This local expertise not only aided in finding suitable lenders but also demonstrated our commitment to providing a personalised service that goes beyond the transactional aspect of mortgage brokering.

The Solution

Overcoming Challenges and Securing the Mortgage:

The change in employment had proven to be a stumbling block with the client’s existing lender. However, armed with a comprehensive understanding of the client’s financial standing, coupled with insights into their new employment terms we successfully secured a mortgage for our client. This achievement not only addressed the immediate housing needs of our client but also set the stage for a smooth transition to their new life in Bristol.

Client Appreciation and Relationship Building:

This case was not just about securing a mortgage; it was about supporting a client through a significant life change. The client expressed appreciation not only for the successful outcome but also for the personalised approach and insights we provided into the Bristol property market. This positive experience has laid the foundation for a lasting relationship, emphasising our commitment to being a trusted partner throughout our clients’ financial journey.



At Fox Davidson, our recent success in securing a mortgage for an investment banker transitioning from London to Bristol reflects our dedication to providing comprehensive and tailored mortgage solutions. By understanding the unique challenges tied to the change in employment and location, we were able to leverage our expertise and local insight to secure a favourable outcome for our client. This case underscores our commitment to providing a holistic and personalised service that addresses the specific needs of our clients during times of significant life transitions. 

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