At Fox Davidson, our dedication to crafting bespoke mortgage solutions recently led us to a satisfactory outcome. We successfully secured a substantial loan for an investment banker at Nomura investment bank who faced challenges obtaining a mortgage due to the variable nature of their total compensation over the past two years. This case study delves into how, as a UK mortgage broker, we overcame hurdles to secure a high loan-to-value mortgage, enabling our client to borrow approximately 5 times their income at nearly 90% loan-to-value.

Location: London

Loan Amount:

Finance Category: Residential Mortgage

The Story

Understanding Our Client’s Unique Financial Situation:

Our client, an investment banker at Nomura, presented us with a unique set of challenges. Despite a substantial income, their variable total compensation over the past two years posed a barrier when attempting to secure a mortgage with their current lender. The client needed a high loan-to-value loan, approximately 5 times their income, and at a high loan to value, thus requiring a tailored solution to accommodate their mortgage requirements. 

The Challenge

Thorough Analysis and Client Consultation:

Recognising the challenges, the client faced the team at Fox Davidson completed a detailed analysis of their earnings history. We engaged in extensive discussions with the client to understand the nuances of their financial circumstances, future earning potential, and long-term goals. This meticulous approach laid the foundation for constructing a compelling case that would resonate with potential lenders.

Engaging with a Large Loan Team within a High Street Bank:

Armed with a comprehensive understanding of the client’s financial complexities, we strategically approached a large loan team within a high street bank. We engaged in meaningful discussions, articulating the merits of the case and highlighting the client’s strong earning potential, even in the face of variable compensation. Our goal was to convey the client’s financial affordability of a high loan-to-value mortgage to facilitate their property acquisition in London.

The Solution

Negotiating Favourable Terms:

Our efforts in presenting a compelling case to the large loan team bore fruit as we successfully negotiated favourable terms for our client. The high street bank, appreciating the client’s earnings and compensation package agreed to a high loan-to-value mortgage, allowing the client to borrow nearly 90% of the property’s value while leveraging approximately five times their income.

Client Satisfaction:

The successful outcome of this case not only addressed the immediate need for a mortgage but also empowered our client to secure a property in London that aligned with their aspirations. The client expressed gratitude for our thorough approach, negotiation skills, and the personalised attention we provided throughout the process. This positive experience solidified our commitment to being a trusted partner in navigating complex mortgages for investment bankers.


Building Long-Term Relationships:

Beyond the transaction, this case exemplifies our dedication to building lasting relationships with our clients. By understanding and successfully navigating the challenges unique to the investment banking sector, we have established ourselves as a trusted mortgage broker for individuals with variable compensation structures and intricate financial profiles.


Fox Davidson’s recent success in securing a high loan-to-value mortgage for an investment banker at Nomura showcases our commitment to crafting tailored solutions for clients with complex financial needs. Through meticulous analysis, strategic engagement with lenders, and skilled negotiation, we were able to overcome challenges and secure a mortgage that aligned with our client’s specific requirements. This case underscores our dedication to being a reliable partner for individuals navigating the intricacies of the mortgage market, especially within the dynamic landscape of the investment banking industry. 

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