Navigating the complexities of the mortgage landscape is not just a task for us at Fox Davidson; it’s our expertise. Our recent success in securing a substantial buy-to-let mortgage for an investment banker at UBS in London exemplifies our commitment to crafting tailored solutions for complex scenarios. This case study delves into how we overcame challenges tied to rental yield limitations, utilising both rental income and the client’s employment income to secure a 75% interest-only buy-to-let mortgage.

Location: London

Loan Amount:

Finance Category: Residential Mortgage

The Story

Our client, an investment banker at UBS, approached us with a unique challenge in securing a buy-to-let mortgage. Despite a healthy rental property, the rental yield was approximately 3%, falling short of the typical rent-to-loan calculation required by mortgage lenders. The client aimed for a 75% loan-to-value ratio, which posed a challenge given the traditional lending criteria based on rental yield alone.

The Challenge

Specialisation in Complex Buy-to-Let Scenarios:

Fox Davidson’s ability to handle complex buy-to-let scenarios is deeply embedded in our approach. We understand that each client’s situation is unique, and our specialisation lies in tailoring our strategies to meet the specific challenges presented. Leveraging our experience, we assessed the client’s requirements and identified an alternative approach to secure competitive buy-to-let terms.

Exploring Lenders with Flexibility:

Recognising the limitations imposed by the rental yield, we engaged in discussions with lenders known for their flexibility in buy-to-let scenarios. Our established relationships within buy to let lenders allowed us to identify a lender willing to take a more comprehensive approach, considering both the rental income and the client’s income from employment.

The Solution

Leveraging Rental Income and Employment Income:

The key to our success in this case lay in presenting a holistic financial picture. We worked closely with the client to gather details of both the rental property’s income and the client’s earnings from their employment at UBS. By showcasing the stability and reliability of both income streams, we were able to make a compelling case to the selected lender.

Securing a 75% Interest-Only Buy-to-Let Mortgage:

Our efforts resulted in a triumph as we secured a 75% interest-only buy-to-let mortgage for our UBS investment banker client. The lender recognised the unique circumstances and was willing to offer competitive terms by considering both the rental income and the client’s employment income. This achievement not only met the client’s desired loan-to-value ratio but also allowed them to benefit from the advantages of an interest-only mortgage structure.


Client Satisfaction and Trust:

Our client expressed gratitude for our innovative approach and dedication to finding solutions tailored to their needs. The successful outcome not only addressed the immediate requirement for a buy-to-let mortgage but also reinforced Fox Davidson’s position as a trusted partner in navigating complex mortgage scenarios for investment bankers and high net worth cleints.


Fox Davidson’s recent success in securing a 75% interest-only buy-to-let mortgage for a UBS investment banker underscores our commitment to providing innovative and personalised solutions for complex scenarios. By leveraging our expertise in handling unique challenges associated with rental yields and income sources, we were able to secure favourable terms for our client. We take pride in being a mortgage broker who thrives on addressing the intricacies of the mortgage market, especially in situations where traditional lender criteria fall short. We look forward to continuing to provide tailored solutions that empower our clients to achieve their financial goals in the ever-evolving landscape of mortgage financing.

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