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Finance Category: Residential Mortgage

The Story

Navigating the complexity of a client’s income is nothing new for us at Fox Davidson, and our recent success in securing a substantial loan for an investment banker at Piper Sandler Investment Bank is a testament to our dedication to tailored mortgage solutions. This case study explores how we navigated the intricacies of a client with income from both PAYE employment and investment income, showcasing our specialisation in securing mortgages for individuals with complex financial profiles.

The Challenge

Understanding the Challenge:

Our client, an investment banker at Piper Sandler, presented us with a unique challenge. They sought a large loan, but the complexity arose from the nature of their income – a combination of traditional PAYE employment, property rental income from a large portfolio of property and investment income. Securing a mortgage that would recognise and consider both income streams required a specialised approach, and this is where Fox Davidson excels.

In-Depth Analysis of Income Sources:

We know that many lenders in the UK have black-and-white policies when it comes to acceptable income sources, but we also work with flexible lenders who treat each case on its merits and who can lend based on a common sense approach. We worked with one such lender to break down the client’s multiple income streams and to get to a point where we could demonstrate the affordability of the large loan they required. 

Specialisation in Complex Income Scenarios:

Our ability to handle complex income scenarios is ingrained in Fox Davidson’s ethos. Since 2005 our advisors have been working with high-net-worth clients with complex income streams and we have built up good relationships with both private banks and specialist large loan teams within the high street banks. We specialise in securing mortgages for individuals with diverse income sources, including those in the investment banking sector. Leveraging our experience and our relationships we tailored our approach to align with the specific intricacies presented by the client, ensuring that all sources of income were included in the lender’s affordability assessment.

The Solution

Identifying Lenders with Flexibility:

Armed with a comprehensive understanding of the client’s financial situation, we strategically approached lenders known for their flexibility in considering diverse income sources. Our established relationships within the industry allowed us to identify lenders willing to take a nuanced approach and acknowledge all sources of income. 

Building a Persuasive Case:

Crafting a compelling case for our client was the next crucial step. We meticulously compiled and presented the details of their income streams, emphasising the stability and year on year growth within their property and stocks investment portfolio. Our goal was to showcase the client’s overall financial strength and justify their eligibility for a large loan despite the blend of income sources.


Success in Securing a Large Loan:

Our efforts culminated in success as we secured a substantial loan for the Piper Sandler investment banker. The selected lender recognised the unique nature of our client’s income and offered competitive terms. This accomplishment not only addressed our client’s immediate financial needs but also highlighted Fox Davidson’s expertise in handling complex income scenarios.

Client Satisfaction and Confidence:

Our client expressed gratitude for our dedicated approach and ability to navigate the complexities of their financial situation. The successful outcome instilled confidence in our client, reaffirming Fox Davidson as a go-to mortgage broker for individuals with intricate income profiles, especially within the investment banking sector.


Fox Davidson’s recent success in securing a large loan for an investment banker at Piper Sandler is a testament to our commitment to providing tailored solutions for clients with complex financial scenarios. Our ability to navigate the intricacies of diverse income sources, including both PAYE employment and investment income, showcases our specialisation in addressing the unique challenges presented by individuals with complex financial profiles. We are proud to be a trusted partner for clients navigating the complexities of the mortgage market, especially in situations where income streams require a nuanced and expert approach. 

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